Quality Assurance Testing

QA Testing as a Service

In our desire to align our customers with industry best practices, we now offer QA Testing As A Service (QTAAS). This allows our customers the ability to leverage independent QA Testers to test WMS functionality, test new process flow implementation, and augment the User Acceptance Testing team to test new WMS modification developed by any source including the WynCore team.

Our QA Services allow you to improve quality of your WMS product and save time and money. Our independent testing team eliminates team bias and saves UAT process time and agility to implement projects quickly and with high quality.

Our QA Testing service is offered on monthly, quarterly, and annual offerings. We can customize our testing team solutions to meet your needs. Authorized hours roll over from month to month if Quarterly and Annual subscriptions are applied. 

Our QA Team consists of trained professionals with a proven process to expedite the review of test scripts.

WMS Automated Testing

WynCore even provides WMS Automated Testing to ensure that all aspects of your WMS are functioning properly.

Our QA Testing As A Service offering provides both automated testing and an independent testing team to meet your company’s WMS needs. With this offering we allow our customers the ability to check their systems ensure proper functionality before it goes live and immediately after implementation. Our QTAAS product allows you to reduce the time needed to UAT a system and decreases issues, allowing your company to get its products to market.

WynCore’s QTAAS allows our customer freedom and flexibility to support their WMS needs. We offer automated testing and independent QA testing teams for customized periods of time, supporting your WMS (WMi, PKMS, WMOS, WMAO) systems as you need. This allows you to reduce cost and improve efficiency in across your supply chains. If you want to learn more about how to WYN with WynCore then contact us today!

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